Along with the show on April 7th, designers and models are required to attend two practices and a dress rehearsal.

First rehearsal - Sunday, March 24th, Venue - TBD.
Models to wear their shoes, bring photo release forms for all designers, co-designers, and models

Second rehearsal, Sunday, March 31st, Venue TBD. Models to wear their shoes and bring any missing photo release forms.

Dress rehearsal, Sunday, April 7th (day of show!). Buskirk-Chumley Theater (BCT) 114 E. Kirkwood Ave, Bloomington, IN 47408
Refashion: arrive by 1:30 pm to dress, rehearsal starts at 2 pm
Trashion: arrive by 2:30 pm to dress, rehearsal starts at 3 pm.
Designers are responsible for communicating with models about rehearsals.
Models should wear the shoes they are wearing on the runway to the rehearsals, but do not need to wear their designs at the first two rehearsals.

Bring your designs to the rehearsal if you are still looking for a model.
All designers and models are required to fill out a photo release form.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Trashion 2017



1. What information is required upon submission?
You must have all of these components before submitting your design: Your name
Phone number
Email address
A detailed description of your garment and materials
Three images of your garment (front, back, and detail)
Model info

2. How much of my garment needs to be made of refashioned materials? 
90% of your garment needs to be of refashioned or discarded materials. The thread does not count. 

3. Can I use anything new in my design(s)?
Up to 10% of your garment made be new material, just so long as it’s not a major component of your design. We encourage designers to use as much discarded and repurposed materials as possible in their designs.

4. How many designs can I enter? 
We are allowing designers to enter up to three complete designs.

5. Do I need to have a full “look” or can I submit just a skirt, top, or jacket? 
All entries must be a complete look. If you would like to be paired up with another designer to work together to complete a look, please contact contact@bloomingtontrashion.org.

6. Do I need to find my own model? 
Designers are encouraged to have their own models, however, the Trashion/Refashion committee can help place a model in your design. You must note if you have a model and who they are in your submission process. If you need a model, that also must be noted. Designers are responsible for communicating all requirements, commitments, and guidelines to their models and/or teams.

7. What is the rehearsal time commitment? 
We divide rehearsals between the ReFashion group and the Trashion group, each has two rehearsals, approximately one hour each in the month before the event and one mandatory dress rehearsal the day of the event. Designers and models are required to attend all three rehearsals. During the rehearsals, we will ask that each model or guardian sign a consent for participation release for the event.

8. What kind of designs show up best on stage? 
Finished ones! Be bold, creative, and resourceful! This is a wild and exciting show, and the audience responds positively to different designs that are practical, bold, flashy, or creative. Designs that use impressive or unusual materials or a creative process also do really well. Please encourage your models to take their time on the runway to show off the design that they are wearing. It is very important that models do this for the show.

9. What criteria does the Steering Committee use to decide which designs are accepted? 
Percentage of reused/discarded materials, complete design, complete application process including description.

10. What is the difference between “trashion” and “refashion”?
Trashion is the result of creatively turning discarded items into fashion.
Refashion is the result of modifying existing clothing into something more fashionable.

11. If my design isn’t finished by the submission deadline, can I submit an incomplete design or a proposal for a design?
We must see an identifiable complete design by the submission deadline. If the design only needs a few tweaks and detail after the deadline has passed, the Steering Committee will still consider it if the design is mostly completed.

12. Can I use my own makeup/hair stylists? 
Absolutely. Space is limited behind the scenes at the theater, if you require a lot of space or materials to get ready, please consider arriving at the theater with as much hair and make-up finished as possible.

13. What image file size and type is required for submission? 
We require three images with your submission application. 300 dpi, JPEG format

14. Can I request special music to be played during my model’s time on the runway?
Sure. We reserve the right to maintain creative control, but if you have a suggestion to be played while your design is on the runway, please mention this in an email to contact@bloomingtontrashion.org and we will pass the information on to our music supervisor.