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Welcome to Trashion Refashion 2022!
Emcees: Yaël Ksander and Devta Kidd
Refashion Runway Show
Performance written and performed by
Tom Roznowski accompanied by Carolyn Dutton
 Trashion Runway Show



Flamenco Love
Designer: Carol Hedin
Model: Carol Hedin
Materials: Dress, black plastic, red plastic tablecloth 

Crow Dance
Designers: Sadie and Carol Hedin
Model: Sadie Hedin
Materials: Black plastic, two dresses, scarf 

By All Jeans Necessary
Designer: Elowen Wiltz
Model: Elowen Wiltz
Materials: Jeans, bedsheets, pillowcases

Designer: Sydney Shoemaker
Model: Sydney Shoemaker
Materials: Jeans, dresses, sweater, duffle bag

Flagtree Lane
Designer: Laurel Bender
Model: Sheila Cordero
Materials: Tablecloth, vintage buttons, men’s shirt,
fabric remnants, wooden beads

Peepy Cheapy
Designer: Laurel Bender
Model: Greta Lind
Materials: Tablecloth, lace runner, lace trim, vintage button,
vintage dish towel, cotton remnants, jeans

All Tied Up
Designer: Delainey Wagner
Model: Delainey Wagner
Materials: Flannel shirt, 6 neckties

Cruella De Veil
Designer: Delainey Wagner
Model: Veronica Piurek
Materials: Dresses, tablecloth, mesh curtain, bodice

Pockets full of sunshine
Designer: Gwendolyn Roeder
Model: Gwendolyn Roeder
Materials: Jeans, childhood clothes and leotard, sunglasses

The Wild Ones
Designer: Lori Frye
Model: Carmen Frye
Materials: Three scarves, infinity scarf, suede vest

Round and Round
Designers: Leia and Lori Frye
Model: Leia Frye
Materials: Two pairs jeans, suede jacket, three scarves

Better than a Bridesmaid
Designer: Betty Davis
Model: Elowen Wiltz
Materials: Bridesmaid dress, velvet dress, salvaged frog closure

Save my Sunshine
Designer: Anna Thomas
Model: Anna Thomas
Materials: Blanket, jeans

Designer: Lila Pierce
Model: Lila Pierce
Materials: Two dresses

Designers: Courtney Stewart and Tonda Radewan
Model: Tonda Radewan
Materials: Coffee bags, plastic drinking straws, thrift store garments, brassiere

Tropical Sunset
Designer: Elizabeth Mattingly
Model: Elizabeth Mattingly
Materials: T-shirts, velvet skirt

Mother Hen
Designer: Vic Streiff
Model: Vic Streiff
Materials: Hoodies, leggings, t-shirt

Evelina’s Design
Designer: Evelina Kruize
Model: Evelina Kruize
Materials: Fur-collared blazer, skirt

Set the Table
Designers: Sue Mccracken and Jean Haley
Model: Jean Haley
Materials: Tablecloth, napkins, vintage buttons, indigo-dyed pants

Night to Day
Designers: Sue Mccracken and Jean Haley
Model: Marielle Abell
Materials: Turn-of-the-century nightgown, indigo dye

Reclaiming Ruby
Designer: Gwendolyn Roeder
Model: Gwendolyn Roeder
Materials: Discarded stained fabric, homework

Plastic Phoenix
Designer: Chandra Rettinger
Model: Laura Brikmanis
Materials: Corduroy pants, plastic, to-go boxes, plastic beverage casings, aluminum can tabs, metal chain links, straws, twisty ties, plastic chip containers

Reclaim Rocker
Designer: Chandra Rettinger
Model: Martha Werbiansky
Materials: Corduroy pants, slacks, to-go boxes, plastic beverage casings, mesh fruit bags, clear plastic food bags, safety pins, aluminum can tabs, metal chain links, yarn

Chain Glam with Pockets
Designer: Jeanne Smith
Model: Kelly Everitt
Materials: Sequined blouse, tube skirt, sequined
boa, bicycle chain, thrift store shoes

Spring Derby Dress
Designer: Jeanne Smith
Model: Kirin Clawsen
Materials: Used skirt, prom dress, electrical wire, used hat, cardboard, fabric scraps, thrift store shoes

She’s No Choir Girl
Designer: Jeanne Smith
Model: Jeanne Smith
Materials: Toy sculpture, choir robe, shower curtain, beads

Matador ess
Designer: Felice Pierce
Model: Aoife Kousaleos
Materials: 1989 wedding dress, pants

Chanel is my spirit animal
Designer: Felice Pierce
Model: Lila Pierce
Materials: 1989 wedding dress, pants

Designer: Cynthia and Taylor Roberts
Model: Clio Radewan
Materials: Yarn, corduroy scraps, scarf, tshirt, skirt

Designer: Cynthia Roberts
Model: Cynthia Roberts
Materials: Amtrak headrest protectors, cummerbund, sash, skirt

Quilt Sample Fantasy
Designer: Katherine Newton
Model: Sadie Stewart Ingersoll
Materials: Quilt samples, denim, bike tire tube,
cork, crafting puff balls, curtain ties

Turquoise Isles
Designers: Jane Matranga and Nicki Stewart Ingersoll
Model: Nicki Stewart Ingersoll
Materials: T-shirt, leggings, Sears vintage dress

Caribbean Cruise
Designer: Jane Matranga
Model: Jane Matranga
Materials: T-shirts

WWF Dress
Designer: David Ebbinghouse
Model: Niki Irvine
“Materials: Cat proof” window screening, T shirts, nylon mesh
from luggage, orange safety vest


Sound of Music
Designers: Carrie French and Bettina Kehoe
Model: Kaden Berger
Materials: Camping chairs, shoelaces

 Sound of Music II
Designers: Carrie French and Bettina Kehoe
Model: Lois Kinser
Materials: Camping chairs, collapsible laundry hamper, loofa

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mask World!
Designer: Jaimmie Ford
Model: Jaimmie Ford
Materials: Surgical masks

 Unsolved Jigsaw
Designer: Carmen Frye
Model: Carmen Frye
Materials: Puzzle pieces, mattress/bedding
packaging bags, jeans, spool, candy container

 Grapes of Trash
Designer: Laurel Bender
Model: Vic Streiff
Materials: Tablecloths, vintage buttons,
fabric scraps, lace, zippers, elastic, snaps

Morning Toilette
Designer: Morning Toilette
Model: Elowen Wiltz
Materials: Toilet paper cardboard and wrap, toothpaste tubes and cartons, coffee bags, used tea bags, tea bag wrapping, cereal boxes, tissue boxes. fused plastic bags, bed sheets, egg carton

 Bicycle Eleganza
Designer: Katherine Newton
Model: Alexis Hatchard
Materials: Bicycle tire tubes, horse spur, junk 

Ocean Fantasy
Designer: Katherine Newton
Model: Anne Newton McFadden
Materials: Shower curtain, dumpster hoopskirt 

Bootsy Calico
Designer: Jenett Tillotson
Model: Jeanne Smith
Materials: Boot cover fabric scraps

 GO-GO Camping GIRL
Designer: Bettina Kehoe
Model: MacKenna Davidson
Materials: Camping chairs, chair tote, elastic bands, grommets 

Folk Patterns
Designer: Tatyana Kuzmina
Model: Tatyana Kuzmina
Materials: Woollen head scarfs, St Patrick’s Day placemats, fabric scraps 

Palm-tree Exotica
Designer: Tatyana Kuzmina
Model: Greta Lind
Materials: Wood and bamboo shade samples,
used laces ,palm-tree branch, fabric scraps

Designers: Elowen Wiltz and Sadie Stewart Ingersoll
Models: Elowen Wiltz and Sadie Stewart Ingersoll
Materials: Masks, eyelets, recycled elastic, shoe string

 Lucky Lady
Designer: Sue McCracken
Model: Marielle Abell
Materials: Lottery tickets and Velcro 

Mask UP
Designer: Kellene Mirowski
Model: Samantha Sharfin
Materials: Surgical masks and shoe laces

Spring Packaging
Designer: Patricia Anderson
Model: Ramya Enganti
Materials: Egg cartons, spray paint, tissue paper,
packing paper, tape cores

Designer: Cynthia Roberts
Model: Clio Radewan
Materials: Fabric remnants, second-hand thread,
toilet paper packaging, t-shirt

Rain Warrior
Designer: Chandrika
Model: Joel Rettinger
Materials: Plastic packaging, bubble wrap, plastic lids, yarn, garbage bags, styrofoam trays

Galaxy Cage
Designer: Emily Good
Model: Emily Good
Materials: Felt, grocery bags, old CDs, flat cables, ribbon, yarn, tarp

Krogering Fashion
Designer: Akshaya Singhal
Model: Morena Frejenal
Materials: Plastic bags, scrap fabric, yarn, puzzle pieces

Strait-laced Millennium
Designer: Allison Jones
Model: Allison Jones
Materials: Recycled banner, packaging plastic, bubble wrap, grocery bags

Plastic Wings
Designer: Sami D Moon (Sami Whitlock)
Model: Haley Garner
Materials: Two lliter bottles, recycled thread, Saran Wrap,
chicken wire, plastic tarps, plastic grocery bags, pipe cleaners, cardboard

Hunt & Gather
Designer: Jack Koceja
Model: Jack Koceja
Materials: Banner, chicken wire, plastic bag

Streets of Bell-Air
Designer: Amari “Mu” Jones
Model: Jaylen Ray
Materials: Banners, plastic

Garbage Garden
Designer: Neharika Palivela
Model: Kellene Mirowski
Materials: Thick banner material, eyelets on corset are taken from the banner, acrylic paint, pink recyclable patstic bag

Paper Cranes
Designer: Sofia Winski
Model: Gwendolyn Roeder
Materials: Scrap paper

Recycled Coffee
Designer: Marina Konstantinidis
Model: Jessica Campbell
Materials: Coffee bags, foam packaging material, vinyl banner, shoe laces

Puzzled Mania
Designer: Natasha Williams
Model: Kelly Everitt
Materials: Puzzle pieces, newspaper, cardboard, plastic

Pizza To Go
Designer: Lindsay Elick
Model: Mother Bear
Materials: Pizza boxes, checkered pizza paper, color swatches

Caged Queen
Designer: Anna Thomas
Model: Anna Thomas
Materials: Amazon boxes, shopping bags

Pretty Punk
Designer: Jaimmie Ford
Model: Jaimmie Ford
Materials: Faux leather purse and two faux leather totes

Made in the Shade
Designer: Carrie French
Model: Carrie French
Materials: Beach umbrella, shorts, t-shirt

Ideas of March
Designer: Joshua Streiff
Model: Lilah Streiff
Materials: Couch leather, police holster paddles, kitchen colander pieces, discarded belts, decommissioned library bookshelves, wood pieces, tablecloth, computer found plastic pendant

Mondrian Motif
Designer: Tatyana Kuzmina
Model: Stephen Hale
Materials: T-shirts, jeans, fabric scraps, ribbons, curtain

Promise Kept
Designer: David Ebbinghouse
Model: Niki Irvine
Materials: Pop tops, vaccination tags,
second hand boots, aluminum cat food pull tabs

Back to the Future
Designer: David Ebbinghouse
Model: Emma Hedges
Materials: Pop tops, nylon strap, zipper,
hockey players’ face protector, plastic bottles

Thanks so much for supporting the Trashion Refashion Runway Show, a fundraiser for the Center for Sustainable Living!
Trashion Poster by
Danielle Urschel
Photography by
Lucas Lim Arclight Collective
DJ by
Adriane Pontecorvo
Trashion Backdrop by
Wendy Bernstein, Gail Gayer Hale, and Bettina Kehoe
Panels from the Trashion backdrop are available free of charge to good homes!
Email Wendy at wb4art@gmail.com
if you are interested.
Music by
AcroBreathe, Frau Holle, HoliznaCC0, Ketsa, LaMa, Marc Burt, Metre, Mr.ruiZ, Serge Quadrado, and Xylo-Ziko
sourced from Free Music Archive https://freemusicarchive.org/ Licensed under Creative Commons 
Close To You, Coffee Shop, and Promise Me by PYC Music | https://soundcloud.com/pycmusic
Music promoted by https://www.chosic.com/free-music/all/
Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-ND 3.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/

Trashion Committee

Bo Choi

Deb Christensen

Stephen Hale

Bettina Kehoe

Devta Kidd

Yaël Ksander

Kelly Richardson

Jeanne Smith

Nicki Stewart Ingersoll

Jenett Tillotson

Brandi Weyer

With special thanks to Adriane Pontecorvo