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Bloomington Trashion – Fashion out of materials destined for landfill



Trashion Refashion 2023 Poster Design by Danielle Urschel for the Trashion image of a design by Elizabeth Mattingly

Trashion Refashion 2023 Poster Design by Danielle Urschel for the Trashion image of a design by Elizabeth Mattingly


The Trashion Refashion Show is open to all applicants.
The 2023 show happens on April 16th at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater.

To be considered for the Trashion track, 90% of your materials must come from previously discarded non-clothing materials diverted from the waste stream such as plastic drinking straws or newspaper. To be considered for the Refashion track, 90% of your materials must come from discarded materials which can also include clothing that is no longer valuable such as used pieces in your own wardrobe or thrift store clothing. If clothing is used it should be significantly transformed in some way such as a jacket transformed to become a vest. When completing your application, please enter a legal name and valid email address for the Author of the application. You will get a chance to give us a preferred name for the runway later in the application. Feel free to use "Trashion" as your organization. For the three required keywords, any three words will do, but we'd love to see what keywords you think best describe your garment. Your application requires submission of 3 images including the front, back, and details of your design. Also, please submit pictures of your raw materials if possible. Additional images are welcome. If you can put your design on a model or dress form, it will help us better judge your design. Work must be constructed by the designer(s). If more than one person contributes to a design, the creators will be designated as co-designers. Garments submitted should be full ensembles. If they are not, please consider teaming up with another designer to complete an entire look. Each designer and co-designer are allowed to submit up to 3 entries.

Key dates:
December 1st, 2022: First day to submit designs
February 19th, 2023: Last day to submit designs
March 6th, 2023: Designers will be notified of the judging results
April 2nd, 2023: Rehearsal is on Sunday afternoon.

ALL designers and models with accepted submissions are required to attend.
TBD: Orientation Zoom meeting for designers and models April 8th, 2023: Optional rehearsal/design assistance event at Discardia’s Mending Day Saturday afternoon April 16th, 2023: Dress rehearsal Sunday afternoon (day of show) at the Buskirk Chumley Theater April 16th, 2023: Trashion Refashion Runway Show Sunday evening at the Buskirk Chumley Theater Deadline for applications is February 19th, 2023.

You will receive an email from EasyChair when you successfully submit your design.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you for your participation in Trashion Refashion, and best of luck!

Bloomington Trashion Steering Committee