Good Bye Trashion Refashion 2022 and Welcome to 

Trashion Refashion 2023 happens on April 16th at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater
Look for the call for entries later this year around December 1st

2022 photos are available on Flickr:

2022 Trashion Photobooth 

2022 Trashion Runway

2022 Trashion Behind The Scenes

All photos are public domain.  Please, note it is necessary to create a Flickr account to download.

trashion 2022 8.5×11 april

´╗┐Thanks to our designers, models, sponsors, and audiences
for the Trashion Refashion 2022 amazing show!

Please, follow Bloomington Trashion Youtube Channel
Now available, the IU NewsNet video by Samantha Condra
Coming Soon, 2022 YouTube by Lucas Lim