Trashion Refashion 2024 Poster Design by Danielle Urschel for the Trashion image of a design from 2023

Emcee Yaël Ksander

Yaël Ksander is modeling a Trashion design RA’el- Daughter of RA the Sun God designed by Chandra Rettinger and the Artists for Climate Awareness. Materials include a sheet, sheer fabric, plastic lids, buttons, black jeans, straws, and plastic bottles.

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Group I

Total Eclipse 2024

Designer: Jane Matranga

Model: Nicki Stewart-Ingersoll

Materials Used: t-shirt scraps

Solar Flare

Designers: Lori & Leia Frye

Model: Leia Frye

Materials Used: room divider, construction fencing

Celestial Couture

Designer: Jaimmie Ford

Model: Jaimmie Ford

Materials Used: sweatshirt, sequin top, sequin fabric

Freak Out in a Moonage Daydream… Oh Yeah!

Designers: Chandra Rettinger & Artists for Climate Awareness

Model: 7th Moon Child

Materials Used: tarp, plastic lids, shipping packaging, foam wristbands

This Woman On Fire

Designer: Carol Hedin

Model: Carol Hedin

Materials Used: tissue paper, ribbon, duct tape

Athena Rising

Designers: Sadie & Carol Hedin

Model: Sadie Hedin

Materials Used: dress, recycled materials, leather belts


Designer: Sydney Shoemaker

Model: Sydney Shoemaker

Materials Used: holiday outfits, hula hoop, sheets

Ballet Dreams

Designers: Sadie & Nicki Stewart Ingersoll

Model: Sadie Stewart Ingersoll

Materials Used: ballet tights, undergarment


Designer: Katy Dominique

Model: Rachel Kidd

Materials Used: paperboard boxes, duct tape, ribbon

Trash Bin De Soleil

Designer: Bettina Kehoe

Model: Sheila Cordero

Materials Used: beach umbrellas

Denim Diva

Designer: Chandra Rettinger

Model: Teddi Robertson

Materials Used: blue jeans

Woven Dreams Patchy Jeans

Designer: Jane Matranga

Model: Zo Par

Materials Used: jeans, sweaters, ribbons

Shades Of Gray

Designer: Cynthia Roberts

Model: Cynthia Roberts

Materials Used: skirt, flannel shirt


Designer: Juliette Herwitt

Model: Clio Radewan

Materials Used: tablecloths, walnut dye

Slip Into Ruffles

Designer: Betty Davis

Model: Ellie Wiltz

Materials Used: slips

Wear Your Convictions

Designer: Jane Matranga

Model: Jane Matranga

Materials Used: t-shirts

American Girl Doll

Designer: Kenzie Kee

Model: Kenzie Kee

Materials Used: screen door mesh, 50 calibur bullet end caps

Bloomington Banners

Designer: Dylan Chobot

Model: Dylan Chobot

Materials Used: banners

Picture Perfect

Designer: Neva Livingston

Model: Neva Livingston

Materials Used: photo negatives, plastic inserts

Marimekko Dress

Designer: Tatyana Kuzmina

Model: Tatyana Kuzmina

Materials Used: bed spread

Brandkerchief Conference Dress With Pockets

Designer: Jeanne Smith

Model: Claire Hsu

Materials Used: bandanas

Pom Pom Candy Dress

Designers: Fiona Deng & Neel Nuam

Model: Fiona Deng

Materials Used: snack packaging bags

Over Armor

Designer: David Ebbinghouse

Model: Delaney Parker

Materials Used: aluminum pull tabs, scarves, plastic beer can carriers, zip ties, umbrellas, windsurfer tail

Red Apple Two Piece Sets

Designer: Z

Model: Z

Materials Used: tote bag

Secret Lovers In The Soirée

Designer: Sophia Wang

Model: Sophia Wang

Materials Used: balloons, trash bag, dress, plastic container, ribbon

Sophisticated Beauty

Designer: Cole Greer

Model: Maria Bennett

Materials Used: neckties

No Returns

Designer: Shanda Sung

Model: Sarah Owen

Materials Used: paper receipts

Breaking News

Designer: Monica Tello

Model: Kyra Trudo

Materials Used: cardboard, trash bags, newspaper


Designer:s Katherine & Karen La Torre

Model: Karen La Torre

Materials Used: trash bag, bubble wrap, grocery bags, scrap fabric, paper


Designer: Sonya Lee

Model: Marina Alba

Materials Used: Goodwill garment

Aluminum Ball Gown

Designer: Jessica Brown

Model: Jessica Brown

Materials Used: aluminum cans



with special thanks to Peter LoPilato

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Group 2

Interview with IU Students

Chloe Davis, IU student majoring in Environmental Sustainability and International Studies

Katherine Pietrangelo, IU student majoring in Marketing and Sustainable Business

Carina Wang, IU student majoring in Comprehensive Design

Coat of Many Colors

Designers: Olivia Ball & Susana Kozak

Model: Verna Vendetta

Materials Used: quilts

Blowin’ In The Wind

Designer: David Ebbinghouse

Model: Emma Hedges

Materials Used: nylon playground tunnel, plastic bottles, onion bags, weed-eater filament

Do NOT Return

Designers: Lori & Carmen Frye

Model: Carmen Frye

Materials Used: shipping envelopes, foil juice lids, plastic mattress packaging, signs

You’ve Got a Plaid Car

Designer: Vic Streiff

Model: Vic Streiff

Materials Used: sheet, pajamas, shirts, boxer shorts, ribbons, CPAP machine parts, key, keychain, steering wheel cover

The Ghost Of Christmas Presents

Designer: Jaimmie Ford

Model: Jaimmie Ford

Materials Used: wrapping paper, duct tape, packaging tape


Designer: Robin the Cobra

Model: Robin the Cobra

Materials Used: animal feed bags

Business Casual

Designer: Bettina Kehoe

Model: Rebekah Arnold

Materials Used: business cards, jewelry chain, paper clips, head fasteners

Day And Night

Designer: Caroline Dunigan

Model: Kate Koceja

Materials Used: yarn, plastic bags, sequins

The Last Straw

Designers: Allison Jones & Kenzie Mills

Model: Neel Nuam

Materials Used: cardboard, plastic bags, plastic straws, jar and bottle caps

Totally Tubular

Designer: David Ebbinghouse

Model: Nikki Washburn

Materials Used: aluminum pull tabs, plastic medical tubing, plastic beer can carriers, zip ties, windsurfer sail

Taystee 70s Bread Wrapper Tutu

Designer: Jeanne Smith

Model: Claire Hsu

Materials Used: bread wrappers, bicycle inner tube, bicycle shorts

Taking Root

Designer: Autumn Chilenski

Model: Sophia Welbaum

Materials Used: cardboard, paperboard, pizza boxes, plastic bags

Flying And Embracing Silhouette

Designer: Tatyana Kuzmina

Model: Tatyana Kuzmina

Materials Used: scarves


Designer: Juliette Herwitt

Model: Clio Radewan

Materials Used: table cloth, walnut dye

Falling in Love

Designer: Evelina Kruize

Model: Evelina Kruize

Materials Used: pants, appliques

Slash and Rehash

Designer: Cynthia Roberts

Model: Tonda Radewan

Materials Used: dresses

Bubble Wrap Ensemble

Designer: Tatyana Kuzmina

Model: Jaimmie Ford

Materials Used: bubble wrap

Special Delivery: Confidence

Designer: Madison Sherouse

Model: Madison Sherouse

Materials Used: bubble wrap, packing material, Amazon packers

All Tied Up

Designer: Megan Romans

Model: Zil Then

Materials Used: neckties

Chrome Creation

Designer: Izzy Hawes

Model: Izzy Hawes

Materials Used: snack bags, juice pouches

Trampoline Punk

Designer: Julie Finn

Model: Sydney Shoemaker

Materials Used: trampoline, wedding dress

The Second Life

Designer: Rebecca Zhou Yang

Model: Vicky Kim

Materials Used: garment bag, packing materials, cardboard, dried flowers


Designer: Sonya Lee

Model: Marina Alba

Materials Used: dress, dye, purse

Flower ‘scraps’ Evening Gown

Designer: Kathleen Anderson

Model: Kathleen Anderson

Materials Used: landscaping fabric, utility flags


Designer: Megan Romans

Model: Madelyn Gamble

Materials Used: wedding dress scraps

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Significant Contributions By

Adriane Pontecorvo – DJ
Jenett Tillotson – Tech Support
Devta Kidd – Script
Gail Gayer Hale & Bettina Kehoe – Backdrop
Jeanne Smith & Sophia Wang – Social Media
Deb Christiansen, Lori Frye & Kelly Richardson – Runway Managers
Stephen Hale, Devta Kidd & Jenett Tillotson – Project Managers
Bettina Kehoe – Volunteer Coordinator
Lucas Lim & Jenett Tillotson – Runway Images

Website: David Martin Design
Photography: Lucas Lim / Arclight Collective LLC

Music: All runway music has been dedicated to the public
domain and sourced from FreePD and Pixabay.

Backdrop By Gail Gayer Hale & Bettina Kehoe

2024 Trashion Committee

Deb Christiansen
Stephen Hale
Bettina Kehoe

Devta Kidd
Jeanne Smith
Jenett Tillotson
Sophia Wang